Friday, October 12, 2012

Korean Invasion "Love for BigBang"

Annyoeng Haseyo,

Since then i've been a fan! AN AVID FAN! 

"Every single day stock in my mind is BigBangs song "sympre yun lang ang nsa playlist ng ipod ko eh" kekeke"

Lahat ng Korean Reality Show na andun sila i make them panood. Walang paltos, walang lusot sakin yan, ..... I watch early in the morning, lunchtime and dinner - OMG yun nb ang pagkain ko? Haha 

Feeling ko kasi e busog na ko when everytime i watch them on tv. Eh panu pa kaya sa alive tour nila? Bka ndi nko nyan kumain sa whole year! Kekeke 

Their performance kasi stress relieving, pagod busting, rejuvenating, konsumisyon relieiving, kakaaliw, kakabaliw, sobraaaa, grabeee, lupeeeet Haaaays what else can i say!

Kaya kapit kamay tayu VIP's sa pagsalubong sa ating idolo! Catch them live on MOA Arena this October 24, 2012 this made possible by The Mall of Asia and other major sponsors!

For more info follow BBVIPAKO they're also giving away FREE TICKETS to those lucky VIPS, just join in their contest every week before the main event the "BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR IN MANILA 2012". 



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